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Whether you want to get a gorgeous summer glow or relaxing hydro massage, Grand Boutique Tan & Gifts has you covered. Our local tanning boutique offers a range of high-quality beauty services, clothes and accessories in Marshall, TX.

We offer tanning booth services, spray tan services, heated hydro massage services, infrared sauna treatments & more. Reach out to our professional tanning salon today to learn more about our beauty packages.

Discover all of our high-quality beauty services

At our local tanning boutique in Marshall, TX & Serving Longview, TX, we offer a wide range of first-rate services. You can visit us to...

Give your skin a sun-kissed glow with a tanning session
Browse for adorable new clothes and boutique accessories
Reduce stress through a soothing hydro massage
Use infrared therapy to improve skin texture and metabolism

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Say goodbye to streaky tans

You might be tempted to lay out in the sun for hours or even experiment with tricky self-tanners. But you'll get better results in less time when you visit our professional tanning salon for a spray tan. We'll...

Ensure that you get a natural glow without any streaks
Customize the color to suit your complexion
Give you great results in as little as fifteen minutes

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